Raw Shaping

Raw Shaping & Formfinding is one of the most interesting approaches on design I followed so far. An educational approach to [re]search about futures, possibilities, implications and use of emerging technologies for shaping and form giving tools in a virtual- or augmented reality environment. The assignments given in this course help the student to get a better approach on how to use rational and intuitive mindset in order to reach a different idea for design processes. Some of the basic aspects related with this subject are lightweight design, virtual reality and the philosophy behind  the development of tools that has evolved through the centuries. In the image above we can see a sample of a basic abstract model created with gypsum which has been 3D scanned and processed with the relative software.

The photographs below show a model of a lightweight 3D structure based on ‘Voronoi’ diagrams. This structure has been used as a model to research how people from different cultures interprate these structures in combination with sociological aspects. For more information about the lightweight assignment feel free to play the video.