Lights Of ‘SKION’

‘The prototypes of SKION’ came out as a result of a free-subject assignment given by the faculty of BSc Industrial Design of the University of Twente.The chosen and analysed subject was: designing with light through a research process that contained intuitive pursuit of morphological aspects through forming processes observed in nature (like tectonic movements). The first and leading source of inspiration was literary material related to the importance of light from a philosophical perspective. The practical part was mainly based on iterative modelling processes and technicques like ‘framing’. The final result was a paper composite that can be seen in the pictures from which the prototypes are made of. These prototypes represent the possibilities of the concept/material developed rather than a specific final product.

From every description of Tanizaki in his book ‘In Praise of Shadows’ until the semiotics and importances of metaphors in the ‘Allegory of The Cave’ by Plato there  has been a pursuit of literary material and description of light. I has been an incredible journey of fantasy and observations that gave motivation to start generating personal interpretations of light.

“The quality that we call beauty, however, must always grow the realities of life, and our ancestors, forced to live in dark rooms, presently came to discover beauty in shadows, ultimately to guide shadows towards beauty’s ends…and it is precisely this indirect light that makes for us the charm of a room”

J. Tanizaki – ‘In Praise of Shadows’

“ You have shown me a strange image and they are strange prisoners…Like ourselves, I replied; and they see only their own shadows, or the shadows of one another, which the fire throws on the opposite wall of the cave?”

Plato  – ‘Allegory of the Cave’

Analysing various attempts with work on light and shadows on a spatial approach and objects by artists and designers of great importance such as Anish Kapoor and Ingo Maurer. The idea of caves, alcoves and the use of material from the Far East are some examples on the above pictures that have been guided the way to the final result.

A personal interpretation/sketch as result of intuitive practices during Ideation Processes.

Various versions that show the possibilities of “SKION”. A material made out of laser cut paper and Japanese Rice Paper. The User gets the possibility to create his own cave in his space and manipulate the light on a personal manner.