Self Check Out Scanner

‘During the course “Introduction to Interactive Product Design” the assignment was to design a self-checkout scanner for customers of super-markets and grocery stores. The aim of the project is to understand the responds and interactions occurring between human and interactive design products. Another important goal of the project was the use of research and testing methodologies for gathering data and information needed during the design process.Other aspects that have been analysed during this project were storyboards based design, user interfaces, cognitive and physical ergonomics. The shopping scanner aims in reducing the rows in cash registers of super-markets and provide a faster method of shopping. Elder or disabled clients are able through this system to per-order their grocery and scan them on their own without making long distances in these shops. The idea is allowing (permanent) clients to register on a system where they log in through a card that they have to insert in the scanning device right after entering the shop. The final interactions necessary are: placing the scanner on a docking station and checking out.’